Behavioral Health and Well-Being Congress

Behavioral Health & Well-Being Congress

September 28-30, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Meet the leading solutions providers in behavioral health at the Behavioral Health & Well-Being Congress 2022 in Alexandria, VA.

Executive Sponsors

Holistic health and wellness is within everyone’s reach. Or is it? We, at Alphind, have set out to help make it so. To go beyond Behavioral Health. To go beyond Physical Health. To build the digital foundation and tool set for Whole Person Care like no other. Let’s talk.
Recovery Unplugged
Recovery Unplugged is a national addiction treatment organization offering all levels of care through multiple facilities across the country. We use music as a means to help our clients more readily embrace the treatment process. Combining proven, evidence-based treatment practices, such as medical detox and withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and comprehensive behavioral rehab with different types of active and passive musical engagement, we are the first and only addiction treatment organization to fully integrate music into every aspect of our care

Networking and Supporting Sponsors

Solari is an award-winning non-profit organization based in Arizona. Solari is celebrating 15 years providing crisis line services and is the statewide 988 vendor in Arizona and Oklahoma. They are the highest performing 988 lifeline in the country and handle 35,000 calls per month. Solari’s vision is to be the trusted leader in improving lives and communities through human connection and innovation.

Collaborating Sponsors

Canvas Dx
Cognoa is a pediatric behavioral health company developing digital diagnostic and therapeutic products with the goals of enabling earlier and more equitable access to care and improving the lives and outcomes of children and families living with behavioral health conditions, starting with autism.