Behavioral Health and Well-Being Congress

Behavioral Health & Well-Being Congress

September 28-30, 2022 | Alexandria, VA

Fast Five with Joseph Gorordo and Ian Jackson

Joseph Gorordo, LCDC, Senior Vice-President, Austin Operations & Outreach, Recovery Unplugged

Ian Jackson, LPC-MHSP, NCC, Clinical Director, Recovery Unplugged

Q: What is the top challenge or obstacle facing health care today?

A: In my opinion the top obstacle would be accessibility. This pokes it’s head out in many shapes and forms such as: financial, occupational, insurance, transportation etc. People being able to access services in a timely manner is what I believe is the largest obstacle we face in health care as a whole today.

Q: How has your organization adapted during Covid times?

A: Recovery Unplugged has adapted to the pandemic and has continued to offer virtual Intensive Outpatient programs for Mental Health and Substance abuse. This allows for better accessibility of services for individuals who are in need. This not only helps individuals avoiding infection but also helps individuals in rural areas who have a lack of resources for services.

Q: What are the top priorities for your organization this year?

A: Client Experience – Clients having an impactful experience in care is of the upmost importance because it is our belief that experiences are better recalled than information. We want our clients to be able to look back on their experience and implement it to their daily living.

Client Satisfaction – Client satisfaction not only leads to a positive treatment experience but also leads to higher levels of engagement in therapy services.

Q: What does employee well-being mean to you?

A: This means the world to me. Making sure that employees are satisfied with their career as well as taking care of themselves in a way that best lets them treat clients is of most importance to Recovery Unplugged.

Q: What motivates you to keep doing the work that you do?

A: As Mental health and addiction continue to evolve so will I. What motivates me to continue to do what I do is continuing to learn new and innovative ways to treat my clients and improve my programs.